Ivory provides easy integration between your exiting java classes, Avalon services, and Axis. It allows easy deployment of soap services with none of the WSDD configuration that Axis normally mandates.

Features include:

  • Support for Plexus and Phoenix Containers
  • Easily expose Avalon services or POJO's as webservices with one method call
  • Expose Avalon services as web services via WSDD
  • Metadata support
  • Runs Axis as embedded Avalon component
  • Support for Axis 1.2 Beta 2

Quick Start

There are two ways to use the AxisService. First, you can configure your services dynamically. Simply register your class or service and voila, you have a new RPC SOAP service. Ivory also allows Avalon services to be used with the standard WSDD Configuration easily.

Distributions can be found here